The main goal of the efficient design approach was, to offer photovoltaic especially BIPV interested customers and product designers the freedom and flexibility in design, cause it was often a problem of BIPV that the architects, designers and building owners were restricted in their plans through to the sparse possibilities offered by existing technologies.

Artistic licence in coloring of solar cell design

With efficient design you can realize solar cells and modules with almost every color of the light spectrum without losing measurably performance. In consequence, integration of innovative energy concepts into new buildings is no longer necessarily linked to uniform or inefficient modules. In contrast to thin film technologies, SIS solar cells by efficient design outperform both in terms of efficiency as well as in variety of possible colors. Further, the SIS cell concept facilitates the creation of colorful and therefore individual modules within the production process. By using masks within sputtering technologies efficient colored cells are achieved.

Beyond form limits

Apart from new opportunities to vary the color of solar cells, efficient design also allows to differ from the existing standard shape of solar modules. As a result, architects and clients are enabled to take new creative approaches into consideration while planning and to realize them into reality. Thus, facades can be created completely independent from previous constraints of shape imposed by solar modules.

Solar cells that fit the corporate identity of your company through branding possibilities

Inspired by optics, our cell technology provides the opportunity to implement logos and brands on building integrated photovoltaics. Any desired content can be applied on our solar modules. This leads to a company’s image showing sustainability and aesthetic ambitions at the same time. Thanks to the employment of inkjet print technologies for metallization, the appearance of a brand on a solar cell will not be distracted by characteristic strips on the edges.

All together these properties offer you the freedom and flexibility to fulfill your design approach in BIPV as well as product design!

efficient design will give you the freedom and flexibility to set your own footprint on your building in a sustainable and energy efficient manner. Imagine all kinds of art on your facade. Your imagination is our limit. If you are in favor of flowers, we can realize a whole lawn on your building. You like writings on the wall. We functionalize calligraphy and creativity. The innovative possibilites of the efficient design technology offer new ways of creative design in BIPV and therefore are the next step into free conceptualization with sustainable background.

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