After an intensive development process efficient design is glad to offer the first innovative applications, that combine the advantages of sustainable energy production and creative flexibility in design. Our products and services provide customers the freedom in customization of their own solar facades as well as other products that include PV elements. If you are interested in an efficient design application for your next BIPV project, PV logos for your company buildings, advertising or landscape imitating solar panels contact us to make an first appointment.

Brands and Logos in the advertisement industry

As a first designed prototype we show a solar module that is branded with the logo of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It is completely self-supporting and shows the possibility of a LED illuminated brand logo in the night time, that is triggered by a light sensor. The size, shape and colors for these applications are variable, therefore we can offer a solution for your personal demand.


Solar Facades and other BIPV applications

The second application possibility shows efficient design solar modules used for whole solar facades in the BIPV industry. This technology is able to illuminate big company logos as well as further electronic devices in your building complex. The additional bonus beside the sustainable and ecologically friendly character is the attractive design through the variation of colour and branding. To show the advantages of our technology, the following pictures present the difference between an integration of PV in facades without efficient design technology and the Fraunhofer Headquarter in Munich with designed solar modules. It highlights the aesthetically advantages through design flexibility and offers a new way to follow corporate identity beliefs.

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